About Wealth Calm

Keeping your finances in order requires time and attention but fitting this in with a busy lifestyle can be difficult to achieve.

Your overall financial wealth is a function of both your income and your expenses. Sometimes people focus too much on their investments and ignore their living expenses, and sometimes their focus is the other way around. However, it’s important to give appropriate attention to both. Why? Because your overall financial wealth is affected by both.

The purpose of this website is to discuss finance-related concepts and to attempt to explain them without all of the jargon. This isn’t always possible but we’ll try our best.

Our website is a completely free resource for you to use but it’s important to emphasise that it is for information purposes only. It is not to be interpreted as financial advice of any kind. You must do your own research and make your own financial decisions.

Our website is laid out by different products. We will look at a particular sector, for example the Broadband sector in the UK and will provide an overview, with a summary of the different types of products available. We also provide a selection of products which we have found, that might provide better value for you as a consumer.

By laying out information in a simple to use format, we hope this will save you time as you consider the products. Wealth Calm is likely to have financial arrangements with some of the providers of the products listed. Should you click through and purchase a product, Wealth Calm may receive a fee. However, the price you pay will not be affected by the fee paid to Wealth Calm.